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YouTube & SoundCloud promotion for a one week feature on our promotions webpage. 


Promotion accepted, then what?


Here's what you get:

-Your music video from YouTube featured on our Promotions webpage.

-Your SoundCloud track of choice featured on our Promotions webpage.

-Organic reach from Google Search to our website.

-Webpage Traffic from 201Jah's Daily Story Post (5 Days).

-Webpage will be linked along YouTube channels list of links & video descriptions.

-Opportunity for further audience growth through our own long-term pursuit.


Fixed Price is $25 along with $5 upcharges for every new platform (Ex: Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, etc) to promote.


Separate invoices will be sent prior to delivery; contact for more details.


If promotion is unsatisfactory within 30 days of delivery date, your money will be refunded back no questions asked. For such reports go to for further help. 

Music Starter Promotion

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